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Unity Candle Set

Unity Candle Set

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You are about to create the perfect unity candle ceremony candles that match your wedding flowers and colours, that you can actually use during your ceremony.

I get it, you’ve scoured the web for someone to create candles with meaning for your big day, but you may not realise that the perfectly scripted computer font and design is printed onto tissue paper or plastic which is then laid over or melted within the top layer of wax of your candles. The reason this is disappointing is that these cannot be burned as safe as they could be or at all. The plastic for obvious reasons and any tissue paper melted within the first layer of candle wax will eventually show and the become a high risk of enlarging the flame. These are hand painted by myself and created using non-toxic water based paint, so are safe to burn. Please ensure general candle safety is followed and that they are never left unattended.


Bonnie Flame has spent a year trialling the best candles, brushes and floral designs to the best version I can create for you. Candles are a symbol of sharing light, warmth and love, and now get a glow up all of their own with you at the heart of their design. Many brides to be have sworn by my bespoke candles for meeting their requirements both design and purpose into their big day.


You can elevate your wedding candle ceremony photos and also create a wedding day momento that doubles as cute home décor designed by you, and painted by someone who creates with pure joy and passion. It makes for a very special tradition too to relight your pillar candle on each anniversary. Knowing that you have chosen me to be part of your day means so much to me.

Don’t just take my word for it:
Hannah on 10 Sep, 2022

5 out of 5 stars
What a wonderful company! Nicola was fantastic and someone who completely understood what we were after! We previously had ordered some nuptial candles from another company and were totally disappointed to find that they delivered a plastic wrap with our names on! Which meant the candle couldn’t be used! I was feeling so disappointed, when that evening I came across Nicola’s page and sent a very garbled message asking if she could help! Nicola was super and restored my faith that we were going to find what we wanted for our wedding. I sent her our wedding invitation as an idea for colours and she produced us a lovely design for our candles. They arrived super quick and we are in love with them. I know all our family will enjoy them and we will light them not only on our wedding day but every anniversary too! Thank you


I am offering candles as either a painted pair of dinner candles only, a single painted pillar or set of all three, so you can choose what works for you in your ceremony and budget.


*SIZE: 24.5cm by 2.5cm (dinner candles) 19cm tall by 7cm wide (pillar candle)
*MATERIALS: Paraffin wax and water based acrylic paint
*PACKAGING: Each candle is wrapped in cellophane to showcase and protect the design so there is no need to open prior to display/burn which protects the intricate painting from coming off the wax as best as possible. They are then sealed with a Bonnie Flames logo sticker. Candle safety instructions are included with use of a handy QR code.
*CONTENT: Floral design in colours and flowers similar to your photos that I would ask you to share with me
*COLOURS: Dinner candles are white and pillars are slightly off white/ivory. Should you be looking for alternative candle colours, we can source these together.
BURN TIME: Taper candles (7.5 hours) Pillar candle (xxx hours)
*INSTRUCTIONS: Complete personalised fields as applicable and I also ask you to share with me your wedding flower images and inspo to aid me in painting your design.
TURNAROUND TIME: Current turnaround for bespoke sets is up to two weeks before dispatch.


Paraffin Wax and water based Acrylic Paint

Shipping & Returns

1st and 2nd class postage available via Royal Mail.

Returns are not accepted due to bespoke nature. Any issues on arrival, please do get in touch.


24.5 cm long and approx 2.5cm at widest part

Care Instructions

Hand painted candle safety and tips. 


It is recommended that your candle remains wrapped, and stored in a cool place, out of direct sunlight prior to display and /or burning. 

Please also display your candle out of direct sunlight and away from windowsills.

Never leave a lit candle burning unattended and burn your candles out of reach from children and pets.

Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles.

Burn candles using the correct holder, on a stable surface, and away from any draughts.

Trim your wick to 5mm before lighting. Due to paint on the candle this can be drawn up onto the wick. If this happens and your wick becomes elongated, and causing a large flame, distinguish your candle, and trim the wick before relighting. If this is not also done, it will cause the candle to burn very fast due to the heat centred on top of the candle. 

Do not burn your taper or pillar candles beyond the last inch. 

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