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Summer Lemons Hand painted Painted Taper Candles

Summer Lemons Hand painted Painted Taper Candles

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These bright, zesty lemons will bring the perfect Mediterranean vibes to your tablescapes this summer. Hand painted lemons, with white blossoms are painted onto white taper candles.

Other fruity designs will be available soon.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions prior to ordering at 

*TURNAROUND TIME: All candles are made to order. 5-7 days turnaround time. Please note there may be a slight variation in colour and design due to the handmade nature of the candle.
*SIZE: 24.5cm by 2.5cm (dinner candles)
*MATERIALS: Paraffin wax and water based acrylic paint
*PACKAGING: Each candle is wrapped in cellophane to showcase and protect the design so there is no need to open prior to display/burn which protects the intricate painting from coming off the wax as best as possible. They are then sealed with a small dot sticker and the pair wrapped together with a classic black ribbon. Candle safety instructions are included with use of a handy QR code.
BURN TIME: Taper candles (7.5 hours) 


Paraffin Wax and water based Acrylic Paint

Shipping & Returns

1st and 2nd class postage available via Royal Mail.

Returns are not accepted due to bespoke nature. Any issues on arrival, please do get in touch.


24.5 cm long and approx 2.5cm at widest part

Care Instructions

Hand painted candle safety and tips. 


- Remove all packaging before use. It is recommended that your candle remains wrapped, and stored in a cool place, out of direct sunlight prior to display and /or burning. 
- Ensure the candle is standing straight up and firmly in a secure candle holder before lighting. There is no guarantee the candle will not drip, due to burning process, alignment and drafts.
- Always trim the wick of the candle to approx. ¼ inch before lighting to ensure the best and most safe possible burn. Due to paint on the candle this can be drawn up onto the wick. If this happens and your wick becomes elongated, and causing a large flame, distinguish your candle, and trim the wick before relighting. If this is not also done, it will cause the candle to burn very fast due to the heat centred on top of the candle. 
- Make sure you burn the candle on a flat surface and protect any surfaces that may be damaged from dripping wax.
- Do not burn the candle near any flammable objects that may catch fire. For example; curtains, furniture, carpets, lamps, etc.
- Never move the candle whilst lit and do not touch the wick when hot.
- Never leave a burning candle unattended.
- Keep the burning candle out of reach of children and pets.
- Keep away from any drafts or anything that might sway the flame in any direction.

-Do not burn your taper or pillar candles beyond the last inch.

Please extinguish the candle carefully.

Candle safety is the responsibility of the buyer.


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